Safe and smart loan on your gold.

Welcome to the most modern pawn shop in the Nordic countries.

At Suomen Panttilaina, you can quickly and easily borrow money on your valuables. We have been in business since 1866, and are one of the oldest and largest pawn shop companies in the Nordics. We always offer free valuations and secure loans. 

What can I lend?

You can borrow the maximum amount of the second-hand value that can be secured from a pawnshop bank. Our motto is that everything is possible! The most common items to borrow money against are gold, diamonds and other precious stones, silver items, watches, musical instruments, art and antiques. Some goods require a certificate of authenticity or purchase receipt. Please visit, call or email us if you have any loan questions.

How long will it take?

Most loans take five minutes or less to complete. First, we make a valuation of the item. Then, we register the loan and you will receive a receipt (pledge). Your item is carefully packaged, and while it is on loan with us, it is insured in accordance with the mortgage bank act.

How can I lend?

A loan expires after four months, including two months' notice under the mortgage bank act. You may, at any time during the loan period, redeem the loan. You may also choose to extend the loan by paying interest. A new loan period starts from the day you pay the interest.

Who gets loans?

Anyone who is 18 years old or older, with a finnish ID, is welcome to borrow from us!

How much does it cost?

Just as with a regular bank, you pay interest on your loan. The cost differs slightly depending on where you borrow in Finland. Click here to see exactly what interest rate applies through our different offices.

Please note: Interest is due for each initiated month during the period of the loan, and that an expense fee will be added. The interest rate is deductible, which means you can deduct it in your tax declaration.