Lend to yourself

Please come in!

Here at Hakaniemen Pantti you can quickly and easily borrow money, using an item as collateral. Our company has been in business since 1866 and has pawnshops in Helsinki, Stockholm, Malmö and Västerås. Our specialists provide free appraisals.

What can I use as collateral?

We like to think anything is possible. The most popular items pledged, however, are gold, silver, watches, electronic equipment, musical instruments, antiques, art, and other goods, which can be easily stored and have a resale value. For some items we ask to see a receipt and certification. Give us a call!

How long does it take?

Seldom more than five minutes! First the appraisal is made, then your receipt is printed out and you receive your money. The pledged item is then carefully stored away and insured in compliance with laws governing pawn brokering. Information about loans and customers is confidential, of course, protected by privacy laws.

How long may I borrow?

All loans are for four months, but you can pay off your loan at any time. When four months have passed, you may choose to extend your loan by paying the interest. A new loan period will then start on that date. Another option is to pay your interest and a portion of the loan. How large a portion is up to you.

Who may borrow?

Everyone who is at least 18 years of age and has valid identification (a driver¹s licence, identity card, or passport) is welcome to come in and take out a loan.

How much does it cost?

Interest rates:

Loans up to  500,00 Euros 3,6% per month
Loans of 501,00-1000,00 Euros 3,35% per month
Loans of 1001,00-2000,00 Euros 3,2% per month
Loans of 2001,00-10000,00 Euros

2,9% per month

Loans of 10001,00-20000,00 Euros 2,3% per month
Loans over 20000,00 Euros 0,95% per month

Transaction fee: 4,00€


To borrow 100,00 Euros             for four months costs   14,40 €
To borrow 1000,00 Euros for four months costs

134,00 €     

+Transaction fee: 5,00€.

Interest is calculated on the first day of every month.

Transaction fee (for pledging and redeeming): 5,00 €
Charge for lost receipt: 8,00 €
Postal renewal of loan: 4,00 €   

*Flat interest rate, i.e., the same interest rate applies to every euro.

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